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In Home Mobile Therapist and Counselor

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Virginia Winn’s mission is to professionally, compassionately, respectfully, and confidentially empower clients to build upon their strengths, fulfill their maximum potential, and preserve their dignity and independence.

In Home Counseling for Caregivers & Patients with Medicare B.
Medicare B will be billed. No Doctor's Order Required.

Serving Bradenton, Sarasota, and Hillsborough Counties

Virginia Winn's expertise is with geriatrics. She has worked 21 years with the most underserved yet most deserving segment of our population - the elderly. She worked five years as the head of Programs and Services for the Broward County Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association assisting caregivers with issues like:
  • Coping with Caregiver Burnout
  • Temporary Relief for Stressed Caregivers
  • Finding Daycare to ease the burden of the Caregiver
  • Providing Education and Support to the Caregiver dealing with Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
  • Obtaining Advance Directives:
    Living Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate
In addition to these services, Virginia counsels caregivers on what interventions to make with difficult behaviors. She provides techniques to best communicate with the Alzheimer’s patient. She teaches how to validate the Alzheimer's patient's reality. And she demonstrates how to give patients activities to enable them to stimulate their minds so they may remain as independent as possible.

As a Medicare Home Health Social Worker, Ms. Winn has provided services in clients' homes since 1992, such as
  • Linking them with community resources
  • Assisting with placement
  • Making referrals to elder law attorneys, assisted living facilities, and Meals on Wheels or other home delivered meal companies
In her many diverse activities, she has also she provided guidance on how to complete advance directives, how to access emergency response systems and how to procure private duty home health care. Virginia has worked as a Medicaid case manager with the Department of Elder Affairs, helping seniors receive funding, financial assistance with housing, and financial coverage for their nutritional supplements and incontinent supplies. And through public speaking engagements, she has educated the elderly in relevant issues related to aging and coping strategies. 

Virginia Winn has worked as a Mental Health Counselor for two years at 45th Street Mental Health Center in West Palm Beach Florida. Virginia has also been certified as a Level I and Level II Alzheimer's trainer for the Dept. of Elder Affairs.

Virginia is the recipient of the Vision and Leadership Award for Broward County in 2001 for her outstanding work with the Alzheimer’s Association. She served as the Advisory Council President for the Broward County Grandparents and Senior Companion Program. She has also testified as an expert witness for law firms involving Alzheimer's patients.